About You

Our clients are smart and successful leaders with a bias for action.  You place a high value on systems and relationships that deliver results.  You recognize that your ability to continually learn, adapt, and grow is critical to your success.  You believe that life is a journey and that your legacy will be defined by the people you influence and impact along the way.

About Us

Our Promise is to provide you with the resources, tools, and the relationship to accelerate your success. Each day we get the opportunity to change the world through our work with leaders like you.  We set high standards for ourselves and for you.  We believe that a commitment to excellence is a choice we must make each day.


Our Guiding Principles


Be A Positive Force

Be a positive
force in
the world.

Live a whole life

Choose to be
whole or choose
to be less.


Adventures begin beyond our boundaries.

Leave Nothing Behind

Give all that
you have and
leave no regrets.


I created FrontierX after nearly 25 years of leadership roles that included CEO, Chief People Officer, Managing Consultant, Executive Coach, and Adjunct Professor of Management.  One of the major themes throughout my journey was an insatiable drive to understand what it took to live a whole life.  The type of life where we chart our own course and are not bound by arbitrary divisions of personal vs. professional.  A life where freedom, meaning, and adventure are not reserved to weekends and vacations but are a central part of our success.  Over time, this curiosity evolved into an obsession, and eventually, my life’s work. 
In my own life, I embrace the same ethos of exploration, service, and excellence as my clients. My family and I currently live in Central America.  Family time includes sports, outdoor activities, and any opportunity to travel, serve, and explore new environments, cultures, and friendships.
My clients range from Fortune 50 to high-growth, private companies. My academic training includes a Masters and Doctoral degree in Organizational Learning from the University of Pennsylvania and an MBA from Millsaps College.